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Business Phone System Prices

  • Identify Chicago telephone system market leaders and evaluate your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Compare Chicago phone system communication line costs (Copper lines, PRI, BRI, T1, MPLS, local loop)
  • Compare Chicago phone system local and long distance charges (cost per minute)
  • Make certain your communication lines (bandwidth) can support your new phone system (allow for some growth). Discuss phone system capacity issues. Leave room for expansion
  • Schedule a phone system demonstration. Check references
  • Identify any additional phone system cabling or installation costs
  • Compare phone system service contracts, response times, remote phone system configuration capabilities, equipment warranties, phone system training arrangements
  • Discuss phone system disaster recovery options (including local loop)
  • Discuss phone system features your company may need in the future
  • Get three Chicago telephone system vendor quotes
  • Time purchases to get your best price (economic stress, end of quarter)
  • Negotiate for added value (longer warrantee, better carrier rates, better communication line rates)
  • Compare prices. Begin by filling out the form on this page
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