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The heart and brains of a PBX phone system is the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) “switch” owned and located within your business. The PBX switch connects your private business phone system to the publicly switched telephone network. In a PBX phone system every telephone is wired to the PBX. When you pick up the telephone and dial the outside access code (usually 9), the PBX connects you to an outside line. Without a PBX, a company needs to lease one telephone line for every employee with a telephone. With a PBX system, the company only needs to lease as many lines from the telephone company as the maximum number of employees that will be making outside calls at one time (usually around 10% of the number of extensions). Companies that purchase PBX's trim their communication cost by reducing the total number of telephone lines they need to lease from a telephone company, and the reduced rates offered for local and long distance calls. An IP PBX is simply a PBX which supports VoIP (Voice over IP).

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