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Multi-line Phone Systems

Like many other companies in Chicago, you started out with a line or two having voice mail answer your line when you’re unavailable. To better serve your customers, you’re looking to replace your old multi-line phone system with a new multi-line phone system. Today’s multi-line phone systems have additional capabilities and features that all Illinois businesses need. There are three main "types" of multi-line phone systems available:

  • PBX phone systems: Forty or more employees. PBX phone systems come with a complete array of multi-line phone system features. PBX phone systems are completely programmable.
  • Key Systems: Five to forty employees. Key phone systems provide many important features you expect from a multi-line phone system. A Key phone systems has one central control unit.
  • KSU-less systems: Fewer than ten employees. These systems provide some important features you expect from a multi-line phone system. They are decentralized where Key systems have central control units.

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